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If you are considering over skimming an old ceiling it is possible to screw attach plasterboard through the old ceiling covering into the existing joists.

Consider that the ceiling will be carrying a considerable increase in weight and that extra supports may be required in the loft to support the extra weight.

A “bellied” ceiling can be straightened using this method in conjunction with batons across the ceiling of different thicknesses that will level of the undulations in the old ceiling.

Taking down an old ceiling is a very dirty job. Old artex pre 1997 contains asbestos and should be disposed of by professionals so over boarding is a way around this problem.

It is possible to put plaster board on a ceiling on your own. To achieve this invest in a “third arm” or telescopic ceiling prop.

Remember to plasterboard the ceiling before the walls, tape the joints and screw heads prior to plastering.

Always stagger the plasterboard joints on a ceiling. This can prevent a ceiling from cracking by removing a single line of weakness along the ceiling.

Always use safety goggles when working above you head with plasterboard and never crew, nail or cut directly above your head. Plaster in the eyes is painful and can be damaging.

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