How To Plaster - Tools - Plasterers Darby & Feather Edge

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Plastering Darby

The plasters Darby is usually a sturdy pieces of straight aluminium, about 1.5 m long with adjustable handles. It is used to create a level finish between two solid points that would be difficult to level with a hand trowel.

An example application would be where a large area of plaster has fallen off an other side sound wall. The hole will need filling with bonding and the Darby is used to bridge level the bonding off across the area of repair.

Plastering Feather Edge

The feather edge, usually 2+ m long and again made of aluminium is used when applying plasterboard to walls using adhesive. The feather edge is used to check that the various pieces of plasterboard are flat flush against each other. Some will have a level built in to check that the plaster board is vertical. The feather edge is also used as a Darby. They cost around £30 and should be part of a plasterer’s tool kit.

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