Toolbox - Websites & Accounts


Coming Soon 
In these Toolbox pages will be lots of help for the budding DIYer, Tradesperson or for someone wanting to set up their own business.
Also, help with how to become self employed, including accountancy & websites, vehicles & liability insurance.
Are you considering starting up your own business?
Running a business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both financially and emotionally.  Of course, it can also be incredibly hard work, stressful and difficult.
When becoming self employed, it is important that you are aware and up to date on topics such as:
• Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Staff and Wages
• Book Keeping, Taxation and Accounting
• Insurance and Banking
• Governing Bodies
• Structuring your working life
• Profit and Loss
• Cash low and Projections
• Employment Law
• Fines, Interest & Penalties
• Human resources
The above sounds daunting and somewhat frightening, but The DIY School will be working in conjunction with a reputable northwest accountancy company to provide a starter set up in business package.
The start up package aims to assist and guide new entrepreneurs in the business world.
We will soon be offering for £500 + VAT The DIY School business startup accountancy package, which will provide you with all you need to start your new business.
For more details please contact us and someone will be in touch to discuss how they will help you with managing your new business.