XS Manchester


XS Manchester listeners get a special £25 discount when they book their courses, plus a FREE Draper DIY School Tape Measure.
Have a look at the course details on the above tabs and when you're ready to book, simply go to the registration page and fill in your details along with the promo code you heard on the radio and we’ll send you a discount code to apply the £25 off when you book.

Let the Good Times RollWe love XS Manchester so much, we knew them when they were Rock Radio!
Have a listen to Sweeney when he was on, before departing to another great radio station in Manchester. 

Salford Rock Legend and Broadcaster Mike Sweeney invited The DIY School onto his Drive-Time show after appreciating how our constructions courses could help individuals quickly get back on their financial feet after the effects of the credit crunch. Listen Here.