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Tiling Course Student Matt from The Fire BrigadeFire Brigade Discounts offered by The DIY School in Stockport are supported by the Life Long Learning Programme within the Fire Brigade. Many Fire Fighters find that The Trades offer an effective and flexible method of supplementing their income without impacting their Fire Brigabde Job and with the The Fire Brigade's support.

Matt Is one such Fireman who is now making use of his off duty period building up a profitable tiling business. This is what he had to tell us a few weeks after his Tiling Course.

"As I am a Fireman and I get a reasonable amount of time off due to working shifts, I thought it would be a good idea to use my spare time more effectively!

Tiling Course Student Matt Birch's WorkTowards the end of 2008 I decided to look for a suitable tiling course that would teach me the basic knowledge so I could get started.

The DIY School seemed the ideal choice for me as it was local, the tiling course was only 4 days and I also got a discount through the Fire Brigade Union.

As soon as I arrived the staff were very welcoming and friendly, we didn't waste any time and got straight on with it.

The course taught me all of the basics and gave me the underpinning knowledge and confidence to take on jobs by myself. The tiling course flew by as we were busy and having a laugh, with plenty of builders brews along the way!

tiling course matt birch 1I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to take on a project at home, help friends or family out or even start your own business.
As soon as I finished the course I put the word out that I was looking for tiling work and began by doing jobs for friends and family, furthering my knowledge along the way.

After several successful jobs I decided this would be a good part timer for me and I am now self employed with regular work! Think I may try my hand at the plastering course next as this could come in useful to alot of jobs I go to!"

Update - Matt is now an Approveed Tiler for Topps for Tiles and enjoying a steady stream of work as a result. All thanks to a Tling Course at The DIY School. Time for that Plastering Course soon we think Matt!



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