Bricklaying Courses - Cavity Walls

4 Day Cavity Wall Bricklaying Course.

DURATION - 4 Days - Weekdays or 2 weekends
PRICE - £399 including a £15 materials recycling charge

Multiple Course Discounts are Available

Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police, NHS & HM Forces Discounts


Want to do Garden Walls & Cavity Walls? -
By attending an additional 2 days training, you can combine both courses.
Just speak to your tutor when you attend your course.


In association withBrickstick for staight even brick walls first time every time.

Bricklaying Courses at The DIY School in Manchester enable men and women who have little or no previous bricklaying experience to complete cavity walls for smaller extensions, porches & conservatories in their own homes or as part of an existing trade, other peoples' homes.

Bricklaying Courses

Bricklaying Courses for Cavity Walls

Who will these cavity wall bricklaying courses suit?


  • Those looking to save money on property development and DIY projects. ( Read More )
  • People looking to add bricklaying skills to existing trades such as ground work or landscaping to increase earnings.
  • This course is ideal or those people who do not require a Bricklaying City & Guilds or Bricklaying NVQ
  • Assumption is that all trainees are beginners and come without any bricklaying experience.


Bricklaying Courses - Conservatory or Porch Base

Well organised Bricklaying Course Training Facilities


These Cavity Wall Bricklaying Courses cover the following practical skills:-

  • How to set out bricklaying projects
  • How to work with different bonds including Stretcher, Flemish and English.
  • How part bricks are used such as half and quarter bats, closures and headers for example.
  • How to create a gauge rod to match existing structures.
  • How to use lines, pins and levels.
  • How to use trowels and set up spot boards.
  • How to build walls and pillars.
  • How to use a cement mixer.
  • How to mix mortar.
  • How to build with block work.
  • How to use wall ties, wall plates and damp proof courses.
  • How to use lintels and catnics
  • How to point and dress a wall.
  • If you have already completed the Garden Walls Course, then Days 3 and 4 of this course can be taken individually to give a full range of skills - £249 . Please contact us to find out more details, or speak to your tutor when you attend your course.

Bricklaying Course - Starting With Single Skin Walls

Bricklaying Courses - Starting with Single Skin Walls


The following topics are covered throughout the course and covered in your course notes:-

  • Health and Safety.
  • Materials Handling.
  • Estimating.

The content in The Cavity Wall Bricklaying Course is selected on the basis that:-

  • Are sufficient to tackle the majority of tasks found in building projects from extensions, conservatories and garages down to simple porches.
  • It is reasonable to expect trainees to learn to a professional standard in 4 days.
  • Can be offered as part of other trade skills.



Course Dates & Bookings

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What our Bricklaying Course Students Say

Warren Fields - Bricklaying Course

Super. Made me confident in brickwork
Peter Gaines - Bricklaying Course

Excellent. Will recommend you
Barry David - Bricklaying Course

Ideal for getting you on the road to bricklaying
Phil Jones - Bricklaying Course

The two courses combine excellently. Everything was clear and
John Gregory - Bricklaying Course

Bricklaying isn't that hard once things have been explained and
practiced this well
Brian Gorse - Bricklaying Course


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